Workshops for Students & Educators

The Love To Be book series explores mindfulness, compassion and kindness. Creating a space for self-exploration, inclusivity and open-dialogue to spark curiosity and sharing of thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Author Visit & Mindfulness Exploration

Creating a space for self-exploration, inclusivity and open-dialogue, these visits focus on cultivating skills of mindfulness including compassion, curiosity, kindness and self-regulation. During this visit you can choose one of Sarah’s books for her to read with the class. Sarah will further explore the message of the book through mindfulness, movement, craft and self-reflection. Following the activities, there will be time for the students to ask questions about the story, the message and the writing process. You may choose to send a form home allowing students to order the books at a reduced price, or to use the books to create a fundraiser for your school or a related project. Each school visit includes a set of books (retail value $56.85) for the classroom or school library. If you already have the books, you may choose to receive another set or donate the books to another educational centre. 

Each visit is created uniquely for your classroom, school or group based on your intentions. I look forward to connecting with you.

Fee Structure: one Class $160, Half-Day $360, Full Day $500

Virtual Author Visit

Join Sarah for a virtual author visits on Skype or FaceTime. This can be a great way to connect if you live further outside the Greater Toronto Area. During this visit you can choose one of Sarah’s books for her to read with the class. Following the reading there will be time for the students to ask questions about the story and writing process. In advance, you will receive a copy of the book Sarah will be reading. Please contact Sarah to learn more.

PD Workshop for Educators: Mindfulness & Self-Care

Research shows a link between teachers stress, burnout and coping skills and students’ motivation and outcomes. Stressors may be internal and external, real or perceived! While we can’t always control what stressors may arise, we can change our relationship to stress through mindfulness, mindful self-compassion and conscious breathing. A mindful classroom community begins with the teacher.  

This workshop explores::

•    The skills and benefits of mindfulness and self-compassion.

•    Experiential practices of mindfulness

•    Ways to establish and maintain your personal practice without adding more to your to do list

•    Tools to support stress and burnout

•    Playful and interactive ways to share the practice of mindfulness with your class  

Hosted by educators Sarah Kraftchuk, OCT, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher and Author; and Dani Kraftchuk, OCT, school wellness specialist and empowerment coach, specializing in emotional healing with kids, teens and families. Contact Dani or Sarah to learn more about offering this workshop in your school

Mindfulness Ambassador Council by Mindfulness Without Borders

Developed by Mindfulness Without Borders, this 8-12 session program offers a forum to meet face-to-face and learn about the skills they need to address personal, social and community challenges. This program is great for secondary school youth & has been further adapted for the workplace. Sarah trained to be a Mindfulness Without Borders Facilitator in 2013.​​​


Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

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Love To Be Me!

Practice Self-Love 
Our body is our vehicle to experience life in wonder ! Through our bodies and our senses we interact with the world around us. Love To Be Me! teaches us to honour our uniqueness, and express our love for who we are, in this moment. Making the world a kinder place starts with being kind to yourself.



Holly Rainville Resource Links Magazine June 2018

Learning to love yourself is a main focus of Sarah Kraftchuk’s books and I Am. Magical Me! Is no exception, continuing on her theme of trusting and understanding yourself. This book will have children exploring their feelings in a cheerful way with watercolour illustrations to accompany the text. Discovering what makes you angry, happy or sad this book is a helpful tool in getting children in touch with their feelings and in turn helps them discover that everyone around them giggles or cries for different reasons. Followed by pages in which you can fill in the blanks with what you love or makes you laugh, this story book can turn into a personal keepsake to remember what makes you magical.