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“Work/life integration seems to me a better goal than balance. Balance suggests that our lives are in two parts. The more mindful we are, the less we compartmentalize our lives.”

Ellen J. Langer, Neuroscience Researcher and Social Psychologist, Harvard University


Corporate Wellness: 
Work/Life Integration

Support Well-being at Work & foster an environment for individuals & groups to thrive.

Why bother with mindfulness and mental skills training? Some benefits may include:

Enhanced attention, awareness and interoception. 
Increase in perspective taking
Enhanced ability to down-regulate the nervous system in times of stress
Decrease in stress hormones, cortisol
Improved immune function and cell-maintenance
Through repetition there is potential for insight.

Weekly Meditation Breaks

Weekly Meditation Breaks encourage a commitment to mindfulness and wellbeing in the workplace and beyond. Weekly breaks foster consistency in practice, the potential to realize the insights and benefits of meditation and establish a culture and community of wellness and care. Guided sessions are offered by a meditation practitioner and wellness consultant, followed by an optional discussion space.  Each week will explore a variety of meditation and breathing techniques to support resilience to stress and burnout, performance and mental clarity and compassion.

Through repetition there is potential for insight.


Workshops are rooted in neuroscience research, understanding and experiential practice.

Workshop topics may include:

Meditation 101 - exploring a variety of meditations, establishing a personal practice & overcoming barriers to practice

Neuroscience and Mindfulness

Techniques to change your relationship with Stress

Interconnection, caring for co-workers and mindful listening

Intuitive Eating

Nutrition in the workplace

Private Sessions

In-office, private sessions offer 1:1 support with nutrition & intuitive eating, meditation & mindfulness coaching.