Breathwork & Healing Sessions

Through repetition there is potential for insight.

BREATHWORK is an active meditation technique that facilitates emotional release and connects you to your center. Breathwork is a self-healing, 2 part pranayama breathing practice. As a Breathwork facilitator I am trained by Erin Telford with David Elliot's Breathwork Technique to hold space for you as explore this practice. Sessions last about 90 minutes beginning with a discussion of areas you would like to shift and welcome healing, 35 minutes of active breathing and 10 minutes of relaxed breathing.

Choose Breathwork Healing Sessions:

  • if you are feeling stuck in emotional patterns and disconnected

  • to connect more deeply to your intuition

  • if you want to alchemize and transform old thought patterns

  • to connect to your breath, life force energy

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Breathwork & Energetic Training

Breathwork Healer Training Level 1

Trained with Erin Telford, Maha Rose, February 2016
- Private Sessions & Couples

Reiki Level I, II

Training with Lori Goldblatt STILL Studio and Kathy Roseborough. USUI Lineage.

Qi Gong and Tai Chi Easy

Training with Roger Jahnke

Black Pearl Massage

To relax the amygdala, fight/flight centre of the brain. Training with Lori Goldblatt, STILL Studio

Yoga Training - Asana and Pranayama

200-Hour Yoga Fundamentals Training with Cat Kabira; 50-hour Katonah Yoga; Rainbow Kids Yoga Training

Katonah Yoga - 50 Hour

Training at TheStudio.Yoga, May 2018


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