Meditation and Mindfulness Coaching

Through repetition there is potential for insight.

Mindfulness & Meditation coaching & private instruction explores how to establish a regular practice and identifying and overcoming challenges to practice. Your experience will be further supported with recommended resources including applications, guided meditations, podcasts, discussion and books.

Option to book a single session or a 5-session exploration. 5-session packs are best for ongoing guidance and deepening your practice.

Choose Meditation & Mindfulness Coaching:

  • If you want to establish a personal practice or deepen your current practice

  • Awaken from automatic pilot and understand current habit patterns which impact actions and behaviour

  • Enhance resilience to distraction and empower a sense of choice in where to place your attention

  • Change your relationship with stress

  • Manage pain

  • Improve sleep

  • Explore mindful awareness in daily living and transform your relatinship with:

    • Food 

    • Listening and communication

    • Digital technology 

    • Difficult emotions

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