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Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos — the trees, the clouds, everything.

Thich Nhat Hanh


holistic nutrition &
intuitive eating

conscious consumption for bodymindplanet: an integrative approach

do you want to transform your relationship with your body? with food?
are you tired of trying new diets and unsure of what's next?

why intuitive eating?

Our inner landscape and the world around us is constantly evolving. A diet is fixed and doesn’t consider or allow for the constant of change and the unique composition of YOU - your chemistry, your lifestyle, your relationships... Self-understanding through inner dialogue and mindful awareness empowers choice and supports a lifelong journey of conscious consumption and optimal nourishment for body and mind.

why eat with ease?

When our nervous system is stressed, our immunity and digestion are sidelined. Mindful awareness and eating with ease may support our immune function, optimal digestion and managing emotions and cravings. Mindfulness meditation brings the unconscious to the conscious, creating an opportunity to explore habit patterns and potential to strengthen new patterns.  

what would it be like to nourish yourself in a true way?

Explore what it means to nourish yourself in a true way; including: food, movement, everyday living, mind, earth medicine and supplements.  With a focus on nutrition and self-understanding, these integrative sessions may also draw upon other healing modalities including mindfulness, meditation, movement and breathing practices to support your wellbeing. It is a co-creative journey and I am here to support you.

In these sessions we will explore your main health concerns, current patterns and simple techniques to connect to your intuition, elevate your energy and inspire conscious consumption for body, mind and earth. We will invite clarity to your current patterns and your goals and map techniques to support your journey.

choose holistic nutrition & intuitive eating if you want to:

  • change your relationship with food, stress, and body-love

  • understand and break habits and cultivate new patterns

  • explore mindful eating and integrate a mindful awareness practice in your daily life

  • connect to your intuition and listen to your inner wisdom

  • foster self-compassion and interconnection

  • nourish your nervous system and strengthen your immune

  • listen to your body, be informed by your body and trust your body

  • feel satisfied with food and life


holistic nutrition & intuitive eating sessions

lean in 
- single session

An understanding of intuitive eating and some starter techniques to integrative into your everyday.

one 90 min, $150

listen in - 3 sessions

Understand the basics of intuitive eating and strategies for daily practice. Begin to alight awareness on your current patterns, exploring diet, relationship, spirituality, sleep and stress.

three 60-min sessions, $300

- 6 sessions

Through repetition there is potential for insight. Understand intuitive eating, techniques for listening within & eating with ease. Continue to develop and trust your inner knowing & bodily wisdom.

six 60-min sessions, $500



Changing your relationship with stress

Understanding the autonomic nervous system and impact of stress on body and mind. Learn tools to mediate your relationship with stress and shift gears including conscious breathing.

Honouring the Menstrual Flow

Explore the four phases of the cycle through a physiological and psychological perspective, honour the changes throughout the month cycle and support optimal wellness. Holistic nutrition protocol including food, supplements and lifestyle.