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Practice Makes Practice

Conscious Consumption:: nourishing mind, body & planet

Science has shown that meditation can restructure your brain over time, strengthening neural networks for enhanced concentration, focus, compassion, immunity, coping with stress and more. Mindfulness meditation brings the unconscious to the conscious, creating an opportunity to explore habit patterns and potential to establish new pathways and strengthen new patterns. 

Private sessions invite clarity to your current patterns and your goals and map techniques to support your journey. Drawing upon traditional understanding, neuroscience research and experiential practices to support mind, body and planet.

Sessions may be in person, Toronto or online. Please contact me directly to book a session or with any questions you may have. You can also schedule a session through League App.

Holistic Nutrition & Intuitive Eating

Our inner landscape and the world around us is constantly evolving. A diet is fixed and doesn’t consider or allow for the constant of change. Self-understanding through inner dialogue and mindful awareness empowers choice and supports a lifelong journey of conscious consumption and optimal nourishment for body and mind.

​When our nervous system is stressed, our immunity and digestion are sidelined. Mindful awareness and eating with ease may support our immune function, optimal digestion and managing emotions and cravings. Mindfulness meditation brings the unconscious to the conscious, creating an opportunity to explore habit patterns and potential to strengthen new patterns.  

Meditation and Mindfulness Coaching

Mindfulness & Meditation coaching explores how to establish a regular practice and identifying and overcoming challenges to practice. Your experience will be further supported with recommended resources including applications, guided meditations, podcasts, discussion and books.

Option to book a single session or a 5-session exploration. Through repetition there is potential for insight, 5-session packs are best for ongoing guidance and deepening your practice.

Breathwork Healing Sessions

BREATHWORK is an active meditation technique that facilitates emotional release and connects you to your center. Breathwork is a self-healing, 2 part pranayama breathing practice. As a Breathwork teacher I am trained by Erin Telford with David Elliot's Breathwork Technique to hold space for you as explore this practice. Sessions last about 90 minutes beginning with a discussion of areas you would like to shift and welcome healing, 35 minutes of active breathing and 10 minutes of relaxed breathing.

Choose a Breathwork Healing Session if you are feeling stuck in emotional patterns, disconnected from your heart, wanting to transform old thought patterns or connect more deeply to your intuition.

Yoga Private &
Mindful Movement

Yoga Private sessions are comprised of body movement (asana), breathing techniques (pranayama) and centering practices (meditation) and informed by potent Katonah Yoga theory. Private teaching sessions are customized and both education and experiential, grounded in context, theory, props and practice. You will leave with a home practice you can continue to explore.