Practice Makes Practice

Private sessions may be in person, Toronto or online.

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Meditation and Mindfulness Coaching

Mindfulness & Meditation coaching explores how to establish a regular practice and identifying and overcoming challenges to practice. Your experience will be further supported with recommended resources including applications, guided meditations, podcasts, discussion and books. 

Option to book a single session or a 5-session exploration. Through repetition there is potential for insight, 5-session packs are best for ongoing guidance and deepening your practice.

Through repetition there is potential for insight.

Choose Meditation & Mindfulness Coaching:

If you want to establish a personal practice or deepen your current practice // Awaken from automatic pilot and understand current habit patterns which impact actions and behaviour // Enhance resilience to distraction and empower a sense of choice in where to place your attention // Change your relationship with stress // Manage pain // Improve sleep // Explore mindful awareness in daily living and transform your relationship with: Food, Listening and communication, Digital technology, Difficult emotions

Holistic Nutrition & Intuitive Eating

Our inner landscape and the world around us is constantly evolving. A diet is fixed and doesn’t consider or allow for the constant of change. Self-understanding through inner dialogue and mindful awareness empowers choice and supports a lifelong journey of conscious consumption and optimal nourishment for body and mind.

​When our nervous system is stressed, our immunity and digestion are sidelined. Mindful awareness and eating with ease may support our immune function, optimal digestion and managing emotions and cravings. Mindfulness meditation brings the unconscious to the conscious, creating an opportunity to explore habit patterns and potential to strengthen new patterns.  


Yoga private sessions are informed by Katonah Yoga theory and offer a chance to tune your instrument. (

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Raphael, Mindfulness & Meditation Coaching Sessions, Virtual

Training and Practices

MSc Mindfulness: Neuroscience and Clinical Applications, King's College London, UK 2015

Research skills training, drawing upon traditional understanding of mindfulness meditation, neuroscience research and experiential practices including 8-week Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy

200-hour Meditation Teacher Training, Mind Body Green, 2015

Training with Charlie Knoles including Present Moment Awareness, Intention and Visualization, Transcendental Meditation and Energized Body and Mind Practices.

Mindset Brain Gym

Performance Curriculum Lead & Meditation Instructor - classes including: Mindful Tools, Focus Boost, Stress Melt, Energize (pranayama)

Mindfulness Without Borders

Mindfulness Ambassador Facilitator Training: Establishing social & emotional learning and mindfulness practices in educational settings & MINDFUL @ WORK 4-8 Session program adapted for office settings.

Katonah Yoga

50-Hour Katonah Yoga with TheStudio.Yoga; 10-Hour Taoism with Kyle Henry, 10-Hour Leading Katonah Privates with Alex Sharry; Pranayama Training with Dates Juviler Keates

Breath Work

Breath Work Level I - IV, David Elliott, 2020. Breath Work Level I, Erin Telford, 2016; Level III - Facilitating Groups with David Elliott, 2019

Yoga Training - Asana and Pranayama

200-Hour Yoga Fundamentals Training with Cat Kabira; 50-hour Katonah Yoga; Rainbow Kids Yoga Training

Vipassana Meditation

Insight Meditation, 10-day silent meditation retreat, 2014.